PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS: ■ Open plan concept ■ Designed with employee quality of life in mind ■ New 50,000 square foot space includes high ceilings, spacious conference rooms, a barista bar and dining spaces, as well as an apothecary, showroom and library ■ In house barbershop doubles as employee perk and product testing area

Dollar Shave Club creates memorable experiences that are innovative, affordable, and convenient. Expanding the company’s current office space in Marina Del Rey, the new headquarters, designed by Rapt Studio creates an inspiring environment that supports the company’s mission. The holistic design of the new headquarters helps to express the company’s culture and inspire collaboration.

Rapt Studio approached the project by creating a shared spine which links common spaces and workstations. Along this spine several spaces provide opportunity for engagement with Dollar Shave’s products. Shelving displays, mirrors and sinks showcase products and allow visitors to try the latest for themselves. An in-house barber shop invites employees to test ideas and doubles as the perfect space for a haircut or shave–the ultimate employee perk!

Built to foster innovation by promoting team agility, the Dollar Shave Club workstations are grouped by squads to optimize how teams meet and interact. Conference rooms overlook the dining spaces. Large glass roll up doors flood the space with natural light, and connect the workplace with the outdoors.

Dollar Shave Club’s material palette embodies a connection with craft. Workshop materials are raw and exposed. Departmental and common spaces feature industrial frameworks, planters, and a refined aesthetic. Throughout, the leather, blackened steel and wood materiality of the furnishings provided by Pivot Interiors compliment the architectural elements of exposed brick, steel and wood beams.

“The entire space is an open plan, so connecting the individual areas in a seamless way was critical,” said Anthony Jenkinson, Pivot Interiors’ General Manager. “The furniture was carefully selected to support the functional needs of each unique space, and works harmoniously to create a fresh stylish interior.”

The new Dollar Shave Club headquarters was designed to look sharp from every angle. Wayfinding, graphics and art combine with jungle wall coverings and a vast plant program to paint a picture of the club’s story throughout the space. Neat, comfortable and put together, the headquarters shows firsthand how looking good feels great.

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