Skateboards made from rocket manufacturers’ waste. A subscription service for cannabis users. 3D printed aerospace parts. An art studio. Apps that connect fitness seekers with personal trainers, join donors with nonprofits, and create a 3D virtual space for home decorating.

The Business Journal’s 20 entrepreneurs in their 20s learn, market and connect digitally. Investors – not banks – are their funding sources. Donating time and/or money is at their core. Incubators gave many their start. Nearly half are founded by women.

Laura Hertz, Gifts for Good

Mohamed Nasr, West Hollywood Development and Associates

Tracy Lawrence, Chewse

Brennen Degner, D & B Capital Partners and Arrowroot Real Estate

David Maliglowka, Give Drops Inc.

Jacqueline Lowy, Sourced Intelligence

Bryan Gerber, Hemper

Andrew Kozlovski, Brainz Power

Tiffany Orli Hakimianpour, Handstand

Sam Seidman and Ryland Arnoldi, Wrapped

Margo Lang, Conscious Period

Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone, Relativity Space

Aubrey Sieder, Strut This

Masha Evans, DJ Maasha Events

Victor Cantey, VC Visions

Nate Wilson and Thomas Moulia, HealthTensor

Beatrice Fischel-Bock, Hutch

Ryan Olliges, 121C Inc.

Scott Fisher, Select Management Group

Demi Marchese, 12th Tribe

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