Before Arthur Saryan was the man behind Saryan’s Arthur he was Hasmik’s Arthur. Confused? OK – here’s the layout: Hasmik Saryan is Arthur’s mother, and she landed in Hollywood from her native Armenia back in the 1980’s with two kids and no job lined up. She reached for a common first rung of the American ladder of upward mobility, finding work in a garment factory. She went on to learn pattern-making, and eventually designed and manufactured her own line of womenswear. Arthur grew up to become one of the youngest general managers in the history of retailer Men’s Warehouse. He learned plenty about fashion and merchandising on the men’s side– and it was only a matter of time before he joined forces with Hasmik to reach for the top rung of that American ladder from an office/design studio/sewing shop/distribution center in a modest loft at Pico Boulevard & Santee Street in the Fashion District. The mother-son team now co-designs the Saryan’s Arthur men’s line that matches their unique sense of style, color and pattern with high-end and genuinely stylish fabrics from Italy, where the shirts, ties and trousers are made. See for yourself at select Nordstrom locations or Avedon Beverly Hills, among other high-end boutiques in the U.S., along with stores of U.K.-based Harvey Nichols, and Amazon Japan. Armenia-to-America-to-Italy-to-the U.K.-to Asia and back to the Fashion District – a very L.A. story for a very L.A. look … Former L.A. mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa is no slouch on the sartorial side, and he looked in peak campaign form coming out of the Entravision Communications office and studios on Wilshire Boulevard the other day. Don’t know how he did on the air, but he won over a handful of voters with an elevator-pitch that a venture capitalist would appreciate – and he only had a one-floor ride to work with … Anyone else notice former Dodger owner Frank McCourt in a story in the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section of Jan. 12 about “New Faces on Billionaires Row” in Palm Beach, Fla.? McCourt recently paid $77 million for an oceanfront place there, joining a crowd that includes the likes of Steve Wynn, Koch brothers Charles and David, Jim Clark and Rod Stewart … Someone call Florida and tell Stewart he can get the red-and-black striped jacket he once wore on stage if he wants to give call to the Dina Collection in Beverly Hills, where owner Yossi Dina donned the garment for a front-page shot we ran last week next to a feature on the pawn shop … Kevin de León, the Echo Park-based president pro tem of the California State Senate, appeared to have scored a coup of media coverage when he was quoted prominently and pictured in a Jan. 11 piece in the Financial Times about California’s growing divergence with the Trump Administration’s agenda on matters ranging from immigration to marijuana. No mention, though, of de León’s campaign against fellow Democrat and incumbent U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, who he’s attempted to pillory because she extended a sort of olive branch to the White House in the administration’s opening days, expressing hope that the president might grow into the duties of the Oval Office. The oversight or omission by the FT – either way – reminds that taking on an incumbent in a statewide race in California is never easy, and especially difficult when it’s an intramural affair and the challenger starts with a negative as a raison d’etre for the run … Sullivan Says: USC and the Coliseum can count on a leading light of philanthropy who’s just as bright as the Olympic flame now that Julia and George Argyros have given $7.5 million and their family name to the renovation of the peristyle plaza at the stadium, which expects to debut a whole new look at a total price of $270 million in time for the 2019 college football season.

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