It’s no fun to end a year with the taste of error in your mouth.

Or to start a year with a sour note ringing in your ears.

We must deal with both before we go any further in 2018 – and what makes this even tougher is that we’re not even the injured party here.

This is about our Book of Lists – for the most part a fine compendium of timely, accurate and relevant data about the community of business we cover.

For the most part.

To err is human, the poet Alexander Pope said – and we must acknowledge that a series of human errors led to some serious omissions on one list.

That would be the list of the colleges and universities that appears in the annual tome, and it fails to recognize several of the leading institutions in Los Angeles County.

Absent despite their obvious merits: California State University-Northridge; Loyola Marymount University; and the University of La Verne.

We extend apologies to all of our readers – who got an incomplete picture of the academic capacity of this market – as well as the members of the administrations, faculties, staffs, student bodies, and the alumni and alumnae of each of the schools involved.

The Book of Lists is the annual compilation of the weekly lists we run throughout the year. We included CSUN, LMU and ULV in the list of colleges and universities that originally appeared in our print edition of Sept. 11, 2017. We have included them again in the list we are running once again, starting on page 12 of this week’s issue. And we listed the three schools correctly in our list of MBA programs in both our weekly list last year and this year’s Books of Lists.

We know that none of that accounting erases the errors of omission in our Book of Lists.

We do hope, however, that this acknowledgement, correction and explanation will be accepted by all of our readers as proof positive of the importance of these three educational institutions – and the gravity with which we regard our duties and the integrity of the lists we produce for the community of business.

– Jerry Sullivan, Editor

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