Snap is trying to lure Instagram advertisers by offering them free ads on Snapchat; Elon Musk explains why SpaceX prefers clusters of small engines for the Falcon Heavy; and digital media drives entertainment employment growth in Los Angeles.

Snap Is Trying to Lure Instagram Advertisers by Offering Them Free Ads on Snapchat

Snap is reaching out to advertisers that are buying vertical video ads on Instagram and other competitors, and offering them free advertising credits to give Snapchat a try, Recode reports. Snap is directing advertisers to an online application, which requires them to upload a proof of purchase that they bought ads on a Snapchat competitor “sometime within the past three months.” Snap is then offering those advertisers credits in the range of “several hundred dollars,” according to a source.

Elon Musk Explains Why SpaceX Prefers Clusters of Small Engines for the Falcon Heavy

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket uses triple-core boosters to reach orbit, with each of the cores having nine Merlin rocket engines, making for a total of 27 engines, Ars Technica reports. "It’s better to use a large number of small engines," Elon Musk said. With the Falcon Heavy rocket, he added, up to half a dozen engines could fail and the rocket would still make it to orbit.

Digital Media Drives Entertainment Employment Growth

Employment in the entertainment industry in the Los Angeles Basin grew 19.6 percent from 2006 to 2016, outpacing 4 percent growth across all industries in the area over the 10-year period, a new report says, The Business Journal reports. The report also said employment in industries with digital media increased 12 percent, including significant overlap with traditional media and entertainment companies.

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