For 100 years, UCLA Extension has provided extraordinary professional advancement and development all over the world. UCLA Extension’s Custom Programs and Corporate Education team offers customizable courses and certificate programs that professionals and employees can select based on their learning needs.

Advantages of the UCLA Extension Corporate Education team:

  • Creates custom, relevant, top-tier educational trainings, seminars, work shops for any organization
  • Offers employee training on career development, occupational advancement and upskilling
  • Continuing professional education in various academic fields from entry-level to executive
  • Backed by a vast network, instructor expertise, and access to UCLA campus resources


Leadership & Management

UCLA Extension creates 2-10- days’ custom trainings in a variety of topics ranging from Developing Managerial Supervisory Skills, to Leadership Principles and Practice, Developing Managerial Effectiveness, and many more. These programs are created based on organization needs, participant skill, and industry level.

Human Capital Management

Varying length workshops and seminars are offered that can range between from 2-10 days in topics related to Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Collaboration, Overcoming Obstacles to Organization Change, Leading and Motivating Employees, and many others.

Performance & Project Management

In this program, customized training is provided in a variety of topics ranging from Increasing Productivity through Performance Management, Leading Teams for High Performance, Monitoring and Controlling Workflow, Creating High-Performance Teams, and many more.

Innovation and Strategy

These seminars and training workshops supply the understanding required to manage day-to-day challenges in an increasingly competitive environment. All sessions are highly interactive and contain collaborative activities to reinforce the learning of new strategies.

Accounting Theory and Practice

This course covers the interpretation, use, processing, and presentation of accounting information and the preparation of principal accounting statements. Topics include an overview of the conceptual framework of accounting, valuation, recording, and presentation of the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. Participants learn time value of money concepts, as well as, accounting for cash, receivables, and inventories.

Data Science

In this program, participants are introduced to the evolving domain of data science and to the food-chain of knowledge domains involved in its application. Participants learn a wide range of challenges, questions, and problems that data science helps address in different domains, including social sciences, finance, health and fitness, and entertainment. The course addresses the key knowledge domains in data science, including data development and management, machine learning and natural language processing, statistical analysis, data visualization, and inference.

Digital Marketing

The Internet, the digital revolution, and the move toward an information-based economy are dramatically changing business and the way products are marketed and sold. This program provides an overview of the digital marketing landscape and explains how business people today can leverage the new tools available to their advantage.

Engineering Short Courses

The engineering department offers several short courses for intensive training in a variety of cutting edge technical fields from worldclass instructors, giving you practical knowledge, you can apply immediately in Aerospace & Mechanical, Biomedical, Communications & Sensors, Energy, Software, and many more.

Business of Entertainment

With the entertainment industry converging into a worldwide mass media, both business and operation models continue to rapidly evolve. Instruction focuses on current business and production issues and introduces new business models to navigate content onto new distribution platforms. Topics include financing, contracts, intellectual property issues, licensing, worldwide theatrical marketing and distribution, worldwide home entertainment marketing and distribution, worldwide television production and distribution, multi-channel network distribution and opportunities, the impact of piracy, and leveraging new distribution platforms.

In addition to tailored custom programs, the UCLA Extension Corporate Education team helps employees access a vast offering of UCLA Extension’s open-enrollment certificates and courses. The team provides your organization with both online and on-campus courses across the week to suit every needs.

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