Senior Managing Director - Lido Advisors, LLC

Senior Managing Director - Lido Advisors, LLC

Years in Practice: 14

Years with Current Firm: 14

Assets Under Management in 2017: $2.7 billion

Alyssa Weinberger has been at Lido Advisors, LLC for 14 plus years and has excelled in a male dominated industry. She successfully ran the Operations and Marketing team, which led to her current role as Senior Managing Director and the sole female partner of a fast-growing firm.

Weinberger is a networking guru, locally and nationally. She is truly passionate when it comes to curating relationships and connecting the right people. She created the Annual Family Office Investment Symposium in 2005, which exemplifies her ability to bring like-minded ultra high net worth families to share best practices. Alyssa believes in consistent communication as a client coverage model. She strives to meet with clients quarterly to hear about changes in their life that could affect their investment portfolio and financial plans. During these meetings, she makes sure to address how different investments can lead to different outcomes. Her objective is not only to help her clients meet their goals, but to do so with a transparent, collaborative, process-driven approach.

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