Snapchat drops $150 sunglasses; Kino Industries partners with Fox for “Choose Your Own Adventure” film; GDC Technology announces “Netflix for Cinema.”

Snapchat Drops $150 Sunglasses

Snapchat officially put its new sunglasses on the market for $149.99, Recode reports. Unlike the original version, these sunglasses can take photos in addition to video, are waterproof, have a hardware update and come in several colors.

Kino Industries Partners with Fox for 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Film

Just three days after Beverly Hills-based Aviron Capital announced it is investing in Kino Industries, 20th Century Fox announced it will partner with Kino to create an app for the upcoming movie “Chose Your Own Adventure,” Variety reports. The audience will be able to use the Kino mobile app to vote on and guide the direction of the film.

GDC Technology Announces “Netflix for Cinema”

Speaking of movies, Burbank-based GDC Technology is launching a “Netflix for Cinema” venture that uses crowdsourcing to help cinemas fill more seats and give studios another way to monetize their content, the Hollywood Reporter reports. Consumers would use the GoGoCinema app to schedule movies at their preferred time and venue. Based on popular demand, theatres would then schedule accordingly and anyone from the public could then by tickets to the showing. GDC also said renting out theatres for birthday parties and private screenings would be a part of the campaign.

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