Augmented reality is a growing industry, with Snapchat, Google, Facebook and others putting resources into the new tech tool. So the Business Journal asks: Will augmented reality become an important tool for businesses?

Jamey Edwards, Chief Executive, Cloudbreak Health

AR will have a significant impact on the health care industry. It is currently being used in innovative ways and has applications in areas such as pain management (showing people soothing scenes and immersing them in a more pleasing environment), medical education (allowing medical students the opportunity take a guided tour of anatomy) and telemedicine (bringing caregivers to the room where care is being given, potentially thousands of miles away).

Peter Csathy, Chairman, CREATV Media

Absolutely. I think augmented reality will be a massive tool for businesses. Medical is an obvious one. A surgeon now doesn’t have to look at charts. They are now able to see patient information through eyewear as they go about their tasks.

Dawn Michelle Wilson, Chief Brand Strategist,

Yes, it will be used in many industries. With Google and Apple developers making AR apps more accessible on our phones, our team sees the opportunity to evolve our clients’ visual storytelling and digital content – something that could eventually become the norm. With any new technology, the more accessible it becomes to the masses the more the technology is integrated into our businesses and lifestyles.

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