SpaceX to relaunch second used rocket in June, Ellen DeGeneres adds show to YouTube, and agencies say Snapchat self-service feature will make it competitive with Facebook.

SpaceX to Relaunch Second Used Rocket in June

A communications satellite built for Bulgarian operator Bulgaria Sat will be the second payload to launch on a previously-flown SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in June, reports Space News. The use of a reused first stage lowers the launch price and “makes it possible for smaller countries and companies to launch their own satellites,” said Maxim Zayakov, chief executive of Bulgaria Sat.

Ellen DeGeneres Adds Show to YouTube

YouTube announced a new slate of shows including “Show Me More Show,” a twice-weekly behind-the-scenes program from Ellen DeGeneres, reports TechCrunch. Publishing content on YouTube is a departure from DeGeneres’ strategy of posting content to EllenTube.

Agencies Say Snapchat Self-Service Feature Will Make It Competitive with Facebook

Digital agencies said Snapchat’s recently launched self-service advertising buying feature would make the platform more competitive with rival Facebook, reports DigiDay. Snapchat’s automated advertising services previously lagged behind Facebook and Google.

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