International venture development firm VentureDevs has found a home in Los Angeles County, announcing plans to open a West Hollywood office by September.

VentureDevs helps grow other businesses, such as startups and enterprises, by providing technical help, product development and investor resources. The company has about 20 clients in its portfolio, eight of which were added last month.

The firm handles development at its headquarters in Poland led by Chief Technology Officer Wojceich Sobzcuk and Vice President of Engineering Tomek Kuczmarski. VentureDevs hopes to expand its business unit in West Hollywood down the line.

“For companies of all sizes, it’s extremely difficult to find reliable and scalable technical solutions, whether in-house or outsourced,” said Sobczuk in a company statement. “I’ve experienced this firsthand as the CTO of Los Angeles and San Francisco-based companies as well as companies with remote teams.”

Chief Executive Joe Gardner, who’s been living in L.A. for four years, attributes his love for the city to the weather and booming tech industry.

“I think the startup community is building in a pretty quick rate, and we’re in a position to help companies of all shapes and sizes,” Gardner said. “There’s certainly a lot of venture money coming down here from San Francisco and other places, so naturally that generates a lot of new business.”

VentureDevs has 50 employees, three of which will be based in the West Hollywood office.

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