SpaceX won’t try to land its next rocket, Snapchat implements rules to combat fake news and explicit content, and Southern California Edison seeks $570 million for electric vehicle programs.

SpaceX Won’t Try to Land Its Next Rocket

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. does not plan to land its Falcon 9 rocket back on earth as part of its next launch mission scheduled for Jan. 30, according to tweets by Elon Musk. The rocket will not have enough fuel for a vertical landing as it will carry a heavy payload, a 5,500-kilogram Echostar satellite, being put into geosynchronous transfer orbit.

Snapchat Implements Rules to Combat Fake News and Explicit Content

As part of an apparent effort to differentiate itself from social media rivals Facebook and Twitter, Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has established rules for its Discovery publishing partners limiting the publishing of misleading news and explicit content, reports The New York Times. Snap said it also planned to give publishers a tool in February that would allow them to age-gate content, or stop minors from seeing some content altogether.

Southern California Edison Seeks $570 Million for Electric Vehicle Programs

Southern California Edison is seeking $570 million from ratepayers to fund electric vehicle charging stations and other electric transportation services, it announced Monday, the Business Journal reports. The company filed its proposal with the California Public Utilities Commission, which is expected to decide whether to approve it this year.

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