Analyst says Facebook monopoly crushing competitors such as Snapchat, Hyperloop One delays testing of pod, and Jam City launches bubble shooter game based on ‘Peanuts.’

Analyst Says Facebook Monopoly Crushing Competitors Such as Snapchat

Facebook’s vast network of users across various social media platforms is monopolistic and crushing competitors, according to an analysis by Ben Thompson of Stratechery. Facebook’s cloning of Snapchat's best features reduces the social media market to a competition of which company has the stronger network, showing how monopolies hurt innovation, argues Thompson.

Hyperloop One Delays Testing of Pod

Hyperloop One Inc. repeatedly delayed and scaled back the first full test of its Hyperloop prototype pod, reports the Wall Street Journal. The delays are setbacks for a company that has been vocal about its aggressive timetable, a selling point in its aim to be the first to get the Hyperloop system up and running.

Jam City Launches Bubble Shooter Game Based on ‘Peanuts’

Mobile video game developer Jam City launched a game called Snoopy Pop, based on the cartoon “Peanuts,” reports Venture Beat. The company believes that the strong brand recognition of the cartoon will drive users to play the bubble shooter game.

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