Snapchat’s content terms raises questions for publishers, TigerText launches new messaging and workflow app, and Faraday Future Misses $21 Million Payment to Aecom.

Snapchat’s Content Terms Raises Questions for Publishers

Snapchat’s new content terms, which stop sharing revenue with publishers and instead pay an upfront licensing fee, may cause publishers to cut back on their production investments on the app, reports DigiDay. The lack of residual revenue may especially impact larger teams of 10 or more employees.

TigerText Launches New Messaging and Workflow App

Secure messaging developer TigerText has rolled out a new messaging and workflow program for the medical industry, reports Hit Consultant. The software allows healthcare workers to call up medical records and communicate about them in one central program.

Faraday Future Misses $21 Million Payment to Aecom

Faraday Future has missed a $21 million payment to Aecom according to a letter obtained by Automotive News. Aecom is overseeing $500 million of work on the $1 billion, 3 million-square-foot electric car plant that Faraday Future is building in North Las Vegas.

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