Netflix countersues Fox over employee poaching claims, SAG-AFTRA rejects final offer from video game industry, and Seriously launches “Best Fiends” sequel mobile game.

SAG-AFTRA Rejects Final Offer from Video Game Industry

Video game actors represented by SAG-AFTRA rejected a final contract offer on Thursday from the trade association representing the video game industry, setting up the union’s members to strike at midnight Friday, reports the L.A. Business Journal. The actors were bargaining for a larger cut of royalties and limits on “vocally stressful sessions,” among other things.

Seriously Launches Best Fiends Sequel Mobile Game

Mobile game developer Seriously has launched a sequel to its first title, named “Best Fiends Forever,” reports Venture Beat. The original “Best Fiends” has more than two million daily active players and has generated more than $50 million in revenue to date.

Netflix Countersues Fox Over Employee Poaching Claims

Netflix has countersued 21st Century Fox, claiming that the movie producer intimidates employees into signing agreements that amount to "involuntary servitude," reports the Hollywood Reporter. Fox claims that Netflix poached two executives under contract.

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