Snapchat launches rewind feature, Hyperloop One studying Dubai for possible first route, and Activision Blizzard plans e-sports league with city-based teams.

Activision Blizzard Plans E-Sports League with City-Based Teams

Activision Blizzard is talking with more than 100 traditional and e-sports team owners to gauge their interest in joining an e-sports league for its videogame “Overwatch,” reports the Wall Street Journal. The new e-sports league, which would resemble the National Football League and other professional sports organizations, would have city-based teams, player contracts, and a championship.

Snapchat Launches Rewind Feature

Snapchat has launched a rewind Stories feature for videos on its app, a feature already present on Instagram Stories, reports TechCrunch. Previously, users had to revisit their already-watched Story list to re-watch videos.

Hyperloop One Studying Dubai for Possible First Route

Hyperloop One is could build its first railway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and has conceptualized the possible project in a 3-D video, reports The Verge. The route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi would be enormously expensive, costing $4.8 billion, or $52 million a mile.

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