In more ways than one, O.J. Simpson’s “dream team” of lawyers – best known for successfully defending the football star against double murder charges two decades ago – is about to return to the spotlight.

On Feb. 2, L.A.’s FX Networks will premiere “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” a 10-episode series that will chronicle behind-the-scenes details about the trial.

But just as the series moves closer to its debut, a separate case involving Cochran is nearing a resolution.

Cochran was the lead attorney in the Simpson case – often remembered for his famous phrase “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit” – before he died of brain cancer in 2005.

Two of his former partners, Randy McMurray and Brian Dunn, have fought for years for the right to use Cochran’s famous moniker at their own law firms.

Last year, a federal judge reversed a 2013 decision that barred McMurray from calling his Miracle Mile law firm “the Cochran Law Group.”

The decision, however, was not final and was certainly no end to McMurray’s feud with Dunn, whose firm is still called the Cochran Firm.

But McMurray’s attorney Yana Henriks said last week that she expects the court to issue a final ruling soon.

– Cale Ottens

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