The battle for the ultimate football “trophy” — relocation to Los Angeles — was still underway Tuesday afternoon as NFL owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell were meeting in Houston.

While the Rams hope to build a stadium in Inglewood, the Chargers and Raiders want to share a new stadium in Carson. At press time, the teams were presenting their cases for relocation to Los Angeles. While the proceedings of the meeting are behind closed doors, according to The Washington Post,’s Ian Rapoport predicted on his Twitter account that a final vote on the matter could come as soon as today.

The Chargers were projected to have the best chance of relocation to Los Angeles. However, none of the projects has the required 24 of 32 team owner votes for passage, according to multiple reports published in The Washington Post. This places pressure on owners to come up with a plan of their own and then hope that they can sweeten the deal for whatever party ends up aggrieved.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times noted the Rams and Chargers could share use of the Inglewood stadium. It would be the centerpiece of a 298-acre entertainment complex. He also observes it is rare for the NFL to devote a full day to a single topic, particularly when the league is the middle of the playoffs. It underscores how determined the owners and commissioner are to reach an accord that would bring professional football back to the country's second-largest market.

By late afternoon, the joint Chargers-Raiders plan earned more votes of support than the Rams’ plan from the committee for NFL opportunities in Los Angeles, according to multiple sources. However, the committee’s recommendations are non-binding.

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