Jeff Katofsky

Team(s) owned / ownership stake: Orem Owlz | majority

Other businesses / titles: President, JD Market Acquisitions

How did you come to own a sports team?

It fell into my lap in 2004. A meeting between the team’s prior owner and my father over a different business opportunity morphed into them selling me the franchise. I then rounded up some close friends and family and we bought the franchise.

Is it an investment or more of a hobby?  

Of course, it is a business. However, baseball is a love and a religion. As such, you treat it with special care and attention, which, ultimately, is good for business.

Is it a good investment?  

Not on a cash flow basis, but it is on an equity basis.

Other than winning, what’s the best thing about owning part of a sports team?

It’s a great conversation starter. There is an indescribable feeling sitting in your ballpark watching your team play, a sense of the ultimate business accomplishment.

What’s the worst thing (besides losing)?

Especially during the season, it can be a full time job – 700 miles away – and it isn’t making you a living. There are also some long nights and a lot of travel. It’s OK, though, if you win – but it’s something you have absolutely no control over, as that is up the Los Angeles Angels.

How many games a season do you attend?

Approximately 30 to 35 of the 76, plus playoffs. When I am not at the ballpark or traveling to the road games, I am watching at home on MiLB.TV

What was your favorite team when you were growing up?

Los Angeles Dodgers. I even worked there selling concessions as a kid.

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