San Francisco ride-sharing company Sidecar is bringing its business delivery service to Los Angeles.

The Uber and Lyft competitor launched its delivery service in San Francisco in August. Deliveries now account for 25 percent of its total ride volume there, up from 10 percent in February, the company said in a blog post.

Under Sidecar’s ride-sharing model, drivers set their own fares and customers use an app to choose the lowest option. Now, those passengers might find themselves sharing a ride with a meal ordered through Sidecar’s partner Eat24, or a bouquet of flowers from a nearby florist. The company said combining the two services keeps fares low for riders and allows drivers to earn more per trip.

Sidecar said it has added hundreds of drivers in Los Angeles in order to meet demand. The service will continue to be rolled out nationwide this Spring.

In September, district attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco accused Sidecar, Uber and Lyft of violating California business law and misleading the public about the safety of their rides. A lawsuit followed in December, naming Uber and Lyft as defendants, with Lyft ultimately paying $500,000 to settle those charges. Sidecar was not named in the lawsuit because company representatives were in settlement talks.

A company spokeswoman said in an email that there is “nothing new” to report on those discussions.

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