The new Walt Disney Co. blockbuster “Cinderella” is set to go to the box-office ball thanks to an app designed to draw Spanish-speaking audiences to U.S. theaters screening the fairy-tale film.

Moviegoers will be able to listen to the family film’s audio track dubbed into Spanish in their earphones via a smartphone app developed by myLingo.

Disney teamed up with the L.A. company as part of a plan to expand the audience for the $95 million movie, co-starring Cate Blanchett and Lily James.

MyLingo’s technology was developed by siblings Adam and Olenka Polak out of the frustration they felt at never getting to experience movies together as a family due to the fact that their Polish emigrant parents were non-native English speakers.

“This technology is dedicated to creative authentic and inclusive experiences accessible to all moviegoers no matter what language they speak,’ said Olenka Polak.

The company is developing audio tracks for other films in French, German, Italian and Mandarin.

Although the myLingo app is free to install, the Spanish audio track for “Cinderella” costs $1.99. MyLingo would not disclose if revenues are split with Disney.

The studio has high hopes for the Kenneth Branagh-directed film, which is scheduled to open March 13, based on positive early reviews and the most online trailer views of any Disney movie ever.

– Sandro Monetti

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