Emma-Kate Lidbury has found more financial success as a triathlete and motivational speaker than she ever did in her previous career as a journalist.

“When I was a reporter I did little or no exercise and just sat at my desk all day eating chocolate,” said Lidbury, who wrote for England’s Oxford Mail. “But the course of my life changed when my editor sent me to cover a triathlon by competing in it because he thought the readers would enjoy seeing if I could survive.”

She not only made it through, but actually enjoyed the running, cycling and swimming endurance challenge, finishing a credible 13th place in that 2005 race. That let to more training, more races and, eventually, to quitting her day job.

Now Lidbury, 35, who lives in Pacific Palisades and trains both there and on Santa Monica beach with the Tower 26 swim team, is a professional triathlete and motivational speaker with a string of titles, sponsorships and speaking engagements – the next one June 25 for the British American Business Council at Santa Monica’s Viceroy hotel.

“In a decent year, a triathlete can make $100,000 from prize money, commercial and sponsorship opportunities and there are a handful of millionaires in the sport,” Lidbury said. “I’m not there yet but with hunger and tenacity you can do anything. My new profession is now my passion and I certainly don’t miss the newsroom.”

– Sandro Monetti

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