L.A.’s Vubiquity Tuesday announced a partnership with Atlanta’s Turner Broadcasting to convert cable television broadcasts into formats suitable for on-demand cable and Internet viewing.

Using Vubiquity’s technology, Turner will be able to automatically convert its programs into on-demand and online video formats, complete with markings that indicate advertising slots, as they are broadcast. Currently, Turner relies on technicians to manually mark cable content for commercials and to change formats after they broadcast.

Dave Bartolone, senior vice president of technology for Vubiquity, said the expense of the old process limited the amount of content Turner was able to put into on-demand and online formats.

For Turner and other content providers, getting shows into on-demand and online formats is more important than ever, as views in those formats now count toward a program’s Nielsen ratings – which advertising customers still rely on when making media buys. By getting more content into more formats, Turner and other networks can boost their ratings and the ad rates they can charge.

Ultimately, the Vubiquity conversion process sutures the on-demand and online video to the cable television format, allowing Turner to continue to profit from the cable market’s higher ad rates while also catering to consumers’ increasingly on-demand tastes.

“As the viewership shifts from set top devices to portable devices Turner doesn’t lose credit,” said Bartolone.

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