Realty Mogul said its investors have earned more than $20 million in principal and interest from crowdfunded equity and debt real estate investments facilitated on its platform.

Realty Mogul’s accredited and institutional investors have invested in more than 300 properties valued at more than $185 million since the platform was launched in 2013, the company said. Investors received an annual return of 16.8 percent.

Realty Mogul of West Los Angeles crowdfunds debt and equity financing for commercial real estate investments. Financing can be arranged for a variety of deals including residential properties and office buildings. Investors are required to contribute a minimum of $5,000 to the pool. The company charges a fee of between 1 and 2 percent for administrative services.

Investment term lengths on Realty Mogul vary from about three to five years, the company said. The largest investment to date on the platform is a $49-million loan for a building in Atlanta.

“Since day one we have been focused on creating an ecosystem in which investors are provided the tools and education to make investment choices that are best for them,” Realty Mogul Chief Executive Jilliene Helman said in a statement. “Our purpose is to create access through innovation and educate a whole new generation of real estate investors.”

Realty Mogul has raised $49 million in venture capital, including a $35 million Series B round in July.

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