Entertainment reporter Sandro Monetti’s business take on this weekend’s new movie releases.

NO ESCPAPE – Owen Wilson plays a Texas businessman who relocates to a corporate job in an unidentified Southeast Asian country in order to improve water quality in the region. But when the local population turns out to be ruthless, knife-wielding, gun-toting maniacs determined to rape and kill foreigners, he concludes the move wasn’t worth it, even for a quite favorable currency exchange rate.

WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS – Simple lesson: Don’t fall for your mentor’s girlfriend. Zac Efron plays a San Fernando Valley disc jockey who looks to be set for career advancement after being taken under the wing of a superstar Hollywood DJ in Hollywood. But things fall apart when he starts crushing on the star’s significant other.

THE SECOND MOTHER – A rich doctor and his family have had no problems with their live-in Brazilian nanny for years – until she brings her entitled teenage daughter to stay and the newcomer disturbs the employer-employee balance.

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