When a President Obama impersonator made a recent appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” Mark Kress was impressed. Not because of the skit’s silly content but because it was the most extraordinary presentation of his 30-year-old hair product to date.

Kress’ Toppik Hair Building Fibers was used to turn the nearly bald actor into an Obama lookalike with a full head of hair.

“The still photos that I’ve seen, they surprised even me,” said Kress, founder and chief executive of West L.A.-based Toppik. “What I liked about the Fallon skit was what a dramatic change they made. Usually, (Toppik) is used to enhance the appearance of someone with thinning hair, but in this case, the makeup artist could create an entire head of hair with it. That was one of the most dramatic demonstrations I’ve ever seen.”

Toppik is a line of hair products created to give thinning hair a thicker appearance by temporarily attaching dense keratin fibers to existing hair shafts.

Fallon’s hairstylist, Courtney Benedetti, used the product to turn actor Dion Flynn’s receding hairline into one that matches the president’s.

“I didn’t know if it was going to pan out,” she said, explaining that normally there’s some hair for the product to grab onto. “But it worked and ended up looking great.”

Though the product is used on other high-profile shows such as “Dancing With the Stars,” Kress said the dramatic exposure on Fallon’s late-night show should get the product further exposure. That effort, so far, is limited to posting the before and after images on the company’s Facebook page.

– Jacquelyn Ryan

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