As the founder of a motivational speaking business, James Ross was an expert in connecting with a live audience.

But the 36-year-old chief executive had difficulty reaching potential clients over the Internet.

To solve the problem, Ross wanted to shoot and post a video of himself on his company’s Web site. However, he didn’t want it to have the slipshod look of an everyday YouTube video.

“I went into this with the frame of mind that I wanted something professional,” said Ross, who heads James Ross International in Dallas.

That’s when Ross came across Startegic Studios Productions, a Beverly Hills-based company run by media and public relations veteran Judy Jernudd.

Jernudd has long coached executives who wanted to be effective when interviewed on television. But now that virtually every company has a Web site and possibly a social networking site, and since many chief executives want video of themselves on their sites, she has updated her business by starting a Web version of her service. She films herself interviewing business people in a Santa Monica studio in a talk show-like setting, and then she has the video edited so it can be posted on the client’s Web or social networking sites such as Facebook. The videos can cost $3,000 to $15,000, depending on their complexity and length.

“This is for businesspeople who know they need to market themselves on the Internet, but don’t know how to go about putting something like this together,” she said. “Having an Internet video really gives their company a personality.”

In getting her clients linked up to the Web, Jernudd also has adapted her business to changing times. Startegic Consulting only launched its Web interview service about a year ago. The core of the business has been consulting with business people to make them more comfortable on television.

Ross said he saw quick results from his interview with Jernudd. Since posting the seven-minute video to his Web site in April, the amount of people who subscribe to his company’s Internet newsletter after visiting the Web site has doubled.

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