Kathleen Burns Rohr barely knew how to ride a horse seven years ago. Today, she runs a business producing videos on equestrian training.

She was living the life of a driven career woman in the television industry, and realized she needed to get out of the office more. So, she took up horseback riding.

“I started riding when I realized that I had been working so hard I forgot to have a hobby,” Rohr said. “When I am riding, there are so many things to concentrate on that the stresses of work and home cannot penetrate my thought process.”

Rohr has been riding competitively for three years now and keeps her horse at a stable in Malibu.

She’s worked as a producer for CNN, Fox Sports and film companies, and now works for an independent production company. And after only a few years on horseback – in a world where many avid riders started as kids – she’s now in the video training business.

In 2007, she launched her own shop, Equestrian Clinics, which she runs from her house in Westchester. She originally made DVDs, but dropped that line, and launched a Web site in December and streams the videos there.

Rohr, 44, sends a freelance camera crew to training clinics put on by professionals. Then her editor posts the videos on riding, jumping and horse pageantry.

The site charges a subscription fee of $29.95 per month. She said she doesn’t have an exact count of subscribers, but said they’re scattered across the United States. She also has a subscriber in Poland, one in Turkey and another in Australia.

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