With good reason. I mean, think of the impudence of American businesses. Just because they provide jobs, pay taxes and create wealth and everything, do they really think they have the right to express their opinion? Who do they think they are? American citizens?

Who knows, maybe some company would actually make a good point for once in one of these new ads. Wouldn’t you hate to see that? Wouldn’t you hate to see people persuaded by a good point or at least accept a different point of view? Life is so much tidier when minds are closed.

And there’s another matter. With hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new political ads that are expected to run this year because of the new Supreme Court ruling, do you know who’s going to prosper? Yes, media companies. TV stations and Web sites and radio stations. And so will the advertising firms that help the companies produce their ads.

Since a pretty good collection of those kinds of companies are hereabouts, Los Angeles is bound to prosper from this Supreme Court decision. Wouldn’t you hate to see that? Local companies making money from free speech? Boy, you can almost imagine the return of those traffic jams we had when the unemployment rate was less than 13 percent.

By the way, I’m going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Maybe I’ll see that ad, too. And just for the record, my mind was made up long ago. I’m rooting for the Saints.

Charles Crumpley is editor of the Business Journal. He can be reached at ccrumpley@labusinessjournal.com.


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