FIRM: Hogan & Hartson LLP

LAW SCHOOL: Harvard Law School

CLIENTS: Dow Jones, News Corp., Panasonic, Olympus, Sharp, Sanyo, Seiko Epson, Affymax, APP Pharmaceuticals, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Abraxis BioScience, Funai, JVC Kenwood, HTC


Reason I’m a Lawyer: I became a lawyer because I believed that people in our society who have legal training are in the best position to make a difference in the public and private sectors.

Most Challenging Case: I have been working with two non-profit legal organizations in Alaska to establish that the people in five Alaska Native villages should be permitted to fish and hunt on the Outer Continental Shelf based on the doctrine of “aboriginal rights.” To prove our case at trial, we needed to establish that the ancestors of our clients fished and hunted on the OCS before their first contact with European explorers in the 1770s. We put our case together based on first-hand accounts of European explorers from the late 1700s, oral histories and legends from our clients, and analysis by historical anthropologists. The case is proceeding toward appeal.

Best Career Moment: We won a hard-fought patent case for our clients APP Pharmaceuticals and Abraxis BioScience. We established that the other side’s products would infringe all three patents we asserted, and obtained an injunction through 2014.

If I Weren’t an Attorney: I would be a screenwriter or a medical researcher. Although film and medical research are very different professions, I have friends I admire in both fields, and both fields offer great opportunities for creativity.

Bucket List: In terms of places to see, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, Iceland.

My Colleagues Don’t Know: Before becoming a lawyer, I ran a career education and counseling program for 32 Eskimo, Indian, and Aleut villages in rural Alaska. The people I worked with lived a subsistence lifestyle, hunting and fishing for their food. There were no roads between the villages, so I had to travel around by small plane, and with bad weather, it wasn’t unusual to be marooned in a village for three to five days at a time. It was the best job I ever had, and I think about the people and my experiences there every day.


FIRM: Alston & Bird LLP

LAW SCHOOL: Stanford

CLIENTS: Twentieth Century Fox, DirecTV, Eaton Corp.


Reason I’m a Lawyer: I didn’t want to go to medical school or become an English professor, so I gave law school a try.


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