The world has always needed engineers. But does it need the same kinds of


USC is convinced that the economy of today and tomorrow calls for expertise in such disciplines as "green" technology that were not taught much in the past. So it has come up with four new master's programs.

"We're responding to what we perceive are needs and demands," said Yannis Yortsos, dean of the Viterbi School of Engineering. "We offer an immediate way for engineers out there to specialize in these new areas of economic growth."

The diplomas will be in "clean and green" technology, health care technology, power technology and financial engineering which is related to math and programming. They will be issued by a new division of the Viterbi School that is headed by Kelly Goulis, associate dean.

Engineers who specialize in these technologies will be in high demand, Yortsos believes, and will have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a healthier, sustainable world.

Since there aren't enough engineers now with expertise in clean and green technologies, he said, companies aren't able to develop many green products and processes, which in turn keeps them from creating the jobs of tomorrow.

"Behind every successful economic enterprise is some kind of engineering concept which is driven by innovation," he said. "Innovation creates new companies. Particular areas green, health care and so forth are very important for the future."

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