The Business Journal's annual report on young entrepreneurs, some of whom entered the working world while in their teens.

Daniel Negari was an early entrepreneur. He started selling computers at age 12 through a Web site called that he and his friends built. But Negari was intrigued by another industry real estate. The opportunity came when he struck a deal with a man who specialized in real estate loans.

"I told him that I would fix his computers if he would teach me the real estate industry," Negari said. "At the time I was getting paid $50 an hour to fix the computers and I lowered my price to minimum wage to learn the real estate business."

As a result, he learned the ins and outs of real estate, and in 2006 began his own business, Beverly Hills Mint, which then was headquartered in his room at his parents' Beverly Hills home. At the time, Negari was only 20 years old and was studying at USC's Marshall School of Business. With little sleep, he brokered deals between classes and studying.

As his company grew, so did Negari's workload. He realized he needed help, so he brought in his mother, Berta, who at the time was working for Bank of America.

"I thought, 'Who could I bring in I can trust?' And I thought to myself if I'm going to be paying someone, why not let it be a family member? Or better yet, why not let it be my mom?"

Negari said 2008 was the company's best year, grossing a little more than $1 million. Despite the down economy, Negari hopes to beat that number this year. In fact, he hopes to expand Beverly Hills Mint to broker more than a billion dollars a year in transactions.

"I plan to grow this company base and bring in other brokers, expand to other offices and keep the Beverly Hills Mint brand intact," Negari said.

Alexandra Hinojosa


- Daniel Negari, 23, founder, Beverly Hills Mint, Beverly Hills

- Business: Commercial and residential real estate brokerage

- Financials: More than $1 million in 2008 revenue

- Fact: When Negari started his business, he was only 20 and still in school

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