Tax time

One way to use Magnify's technology for e-commerce operations is to create a more efficient and inviting user experience.

Take TurboTax, for example.

Intuit Inc. is using Magnify's software to come up with profiles of three distinct types of users a novice tax filer intimidated by the system; a middle-manager professional familiar with the tax software looking for a fast, painless experience; and a tech-savvy filer, perhaps a banker, who wants a lot of information about deductions and exemptions.

The novice filer would get a page with photos of smiling people and words of welcome in big fonts. The familiar filer would be directed to a site with less content and more immediate buying links. The sophisticated filer may get a page with testimonials, tables and charts.

Intuit also uses this demographic information about its customers for direct-mail marketing for the TurboTax software.

Magnify charges the company for every unique visitor it profiles. For clients who simply seek to improve user experience on their sites, return on investment is less quantifiable.

It's more pronounced for companies that use Magnify for lead generation.

The company's software can clean up user data captured in lead generation campaigns by verifying phone numbers and titles, while cross-referencing them with other data points, such as IP address and shopping behavior.

This technology comes in especially handy for e-marketing services company Rhino Marketing in Canada. Magnify's software functions as a kind of filter for its global lead-generation search for high net-worth individuals as potential leads for an international financial services client. In a typical campaign, the company may see qualified leads among 25 percent of the names and contact information they gather. With Magnify's software, Rhino Marketing takes in 90 percent accurate leads of people its client is targeting, said Michael Davis, director of customer service.

For Roddan Paolucci Roddan, an advertising agency based in Palos Verdes Estates, market research is a nice by-product of Magnify's software that runs its client Web sites. Because the software adjusts in real time to user behavior, its also functions as an on-going market study for clients such as developer SunCal Cos., said Daniel Martin, managing director at Roddan.

Based on Magnify's demographic profiles of the types of people who are visiting a Web site for a new residential development, SunCal can also assume who its future residents may be.

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