Maybe it's the relative ease with which computers and time-keeping mechanisms came through Y2K.

So far, at least, the business community has exhibited none of the near-hysteria prevalent at the turn of the century as we come near the Daylight Savings Time transition. This year, as a result of the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005, Daylight Savings time will begin three weeks earlier (March 11) and end one week later (Nov. 4).

The shift will affect computer systems throughout the nation and could be problematic for online automated calendars, payrolls, schedules and time trackers.

Los Angeles-based Generation IX, a tech provider for mid- to large-size companies and schools, has come up with some software solutions to fix computer snags that might result from the upcoming Daylight Savings Time transition.

"There are going to be issues, specifically around time, whether it's a calendar program or time clocks," Watney said. "Technology companies are now scrambling to offer up patches to remedy these issues. What we're finding in many cases is that the patches they create also create other problems that require additional patches."

In the meantime, Generation IX has consulted with and will provide time shift software to L.A.'s United Food Group Inc., Three Arts Entertainment Inc., the Los Angeles Radisson Hotel, Loyola High School, Wildwood School and the Curtis School in Brentwood.

Vantage Point

Venice-based Vantage Media has raised $70 million in a Series A investment for the firm's search engine marketing and online lead generation business.

The round came from Montgomery & Co., Scale Venture Partners, Tudor Ventures, and Integral Capital Partners. Vantage Media provides search marketing for clients, and was founded in 2002. The firm also named Steve Jillings, former CEO of Frontbridge, as CEO; and appointed Rory O'Driscoll of Scale Venture Partners as a board member.

Hip Hop Instincts

Newly named Electronic Arts president John Riccitiello took over last week. However, he wasn't on the scene in time to make the rollout of his new company's videogame from Def Jam Interactive, "Def Jam: Icon."

Rap star Lil Jon, who posed for the videogame's lead character, did the honors at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills event. "I can kick your " yelled Lil Jon as he took on all comers at the event. EA is hoping to expand on the fan base that has developed around its popular "Fight Night" series, which mixes hip-hop music and culture.

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