What started as an interest in images became a career in visual media for Tricia Pifer. She most recently was promoted to a newly created position as head of production for Santa Monica-based visual effects studio, Entity FX.

In her new position she will be overseeing all of the studio's post-production projects. She also will be working extensively with film and television directors and producers to make sure their visions come across on the screen through added effects.

"It's great because you see a lot of their vision stepped up to a new level. New ideas are still being generated after the work is shot," said Pifer. "Working in visual effects, you can do almost anything. The possibilities are so much vaster than if you are doing it with just a camera."

Pifer interned for Jim Henson Productions while she attended school at State University of New York in Fredonia. When she graduated with a degree in video production and a minor in photography, she was hired on full time. She worked her way up to studio manager for a small New York studio of Henson's and did production on projects such as the "Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss," and a puppet show for Nickelodeon with a virtual set.

From there Pifer worked with Michael Moore, helping to produce a late show he was pitching that didn't get picked up. She followed that gig up with a job as a producer for ABC News.

"You learn a lot about who you are in that environment," she said. "When news breaks people need to know about it right away. I was on call all the time, always getting right to the core of the story and airing as quickly as possible. Talk about dealing with deadlines."

However, she found that "after moving around the industry a lot" she was more suited for entertainment media than breaking news stories: "It makes me feel great to produce stories that entertain people and take them out of their daily routines," Pifer said.

She joined Entity FX in 2004 on post-production effects for upcoming feature films "Into the Wild," directed by Sean Penn; "West 32nd;" and "The Air I Breathe," starring Forest Whitaker. She also worked on "Scary Movie 4" and the television shows such as "Smallville," "Supernatural" and "Nightstalker."

Pifer lives in the Eagle Rock neighborhood in northeastern Los Angeles. In her free time she likes going to movies. Recent favorites include "Grindhouse" and "Hot Fuzz." She also practices yoga, hikes, and gardens.

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