Warner Music Group said Monday that it has entered into a deal with YouTube to offer music videos for download for the first time on the popular video sharing Web site.

The site, which has over 100 million visitors a day, said the deal would allow users to search for and download videos from the music company's roster, which includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sean Paul and Madonna. The deal will also allow users to incorporate music from Warner's catalog into the videos they create and upload to the site. YouTube users regularly upload music videos belonging to Warner Music and other record companies without permission from the labels.

This announcement comes days after Universal, which is owned by Vivendi, described YouTube and MySpace, which is owned by News Corp., of being "copyright infringers" and are costing the music industry "tens of millions of dollars."

YouTube and Warner will share the revenue generated from advertising on both music videos uploaded by the artist and user-uploaded videos that incorporate audio and audiovisual works from Warner's catalog, the companies said.

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