After stints with Time Warner Inc. in South Carolina and as president of the cable division in Rochester, N.Y., Jeffrey A. Hirsch came to Los Angeles to oversee the absorption by Time Warner of Adelphia's cable customers. Time Warner, along with Comcast Corp., acquired Adelphia's assets for $17.6 billion. Hirsch is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the operation for the Los Angeles Metro Division, which will officially be created this year upon completion of the transaction. The company serves more than 704,000 subscribers in Los Angeles County. Hirsch will also serve as executive sponsor for the region's growing voice business and commercial services. An avid golfer, Hirsch has grown accustomed to the easygoing L.A. corporate lifestyle. He wears a tie only when he's being photographed. He's also the biggest fan of his employees, concluding that ultimately, he works for them.

Question: How did you get in this business?

Answer: After I went to college in Pennsylvania, I got into the advertising business at McCann Erickson in New York City. One of the clients I was on was AT & T.; That launched my career in the communications business.

Q: Were you a copywriter?

A: I was an account worker. But I worked closely with the copywriters and the creative side. We worked on the AT & T; business-to-business account. My client retired and I was asked to go on loan to AT & T.; I did that for a while. At the time, I was probably 25 and single and commuting from New York City to New Jersey and just really hated the commute. Then I decided to go back to business school, which I did at Dartmouth College. There I had met some Time Warner executives. When I went back to my second year, I called the people I'd met at Time Warner. So I called to get a job and ended up working for Time Warner as an internal consultant for the president of the division. I did that for about a year. Then I went to Columbia, S.C., where there were 220,000 subdivisions that needed to be fixed. I went down there and kind of turned it around in about 20 months, so they promoted me up to Rochester, N.Y., as president to run the division. Three years later, they moved me out to Los Angeles to help with the integration and running the metro Los Angeles division. I've moved a lot. I've had a wonderful run with the company and been given a lot of great opportunities to work with some people and prove that I can do what I have to do; I've worked with a lot of great people who helped fix the businesses we've been sitting on.


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