EMP 350 Rugged Computer

Acme Portable Machines Inc., Los Angeles


Portable computer built for extreme environments


$2,500 up to $6,000 with extras

Acme's newest computer, the EMP-350, could serve everyday computer needs, but it thrives in more extreme situations places such as crime scenes and the floors of manufacturing plants. Equipped with shock mechanisms and waterproof keyboards, the rugged computers can be dropped and even beaten. The EMP-350 also is Acme's most compact aluminum steel model, weighing 30 pounds. The computer is created in a lunchbox style, meaning that it is basically a portable desktop computer with the same capabilities as a desktop. The hard drives are removable and have far more storage than laptop computers. Its components are standard, which makes it easier to maintain and upgrade. Additionally, the computer comes with 11 expansion slots for multiple applications such as military, law enforcement and forensic operations.
Sarah Filus

Easton Sports, Van Nuys
Description: A hardball bat combining latest technologies to deliver more power and efficiency during play
Price: $299

Weekend warriors who like the latest toys will love this: nanotube technology has arrived at the baseball diamond. Easton Sports has teamed up with Texas-based Zyvex Corp. to introduce a line of bats called the Stealth CNT. CNT stands for carbon nanotube technology, which is incorporated throughout the barrel and handle of the bat to purportedly make the bats 16 times stronger than steel. This means a quicker bat with more power. Stealth CNTs are available in two color schemes denoting different levels of flex. At $299 the bat is pricey, but Easton claims it's the best on the market. Unfortunately, the technology cannot help a batter make contact with the ball. The bat is available in all major sporting goods stores.
Aarthi Sivaraman

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