I'm the ringmaster for the show, operating a multimillion-dollar restaurant and nightclub. I have a great job, I get to hug beautiful women and hang out with fabulous celebrities, famous actors and rock stars. I get to determine where they sit and how much they pay, who gets in and whether they can come back.

I start around 7 a.m. at my home office. After an emergency cup of coffee, I get the administrative side out of the way. Numbers from the prior night, checking my voicemail for the closing updates from my managers and security, online banking, accounts payable, vendor review. Then usually a quick workout and I'm at Hollywood & Vine by 10 a.m.

I'll review the facility, greet the staff, check reservations for the day and check any important parties or VIPs.

From noon to 3 I'll be available to meet and greet lunch patrons. I'm very hands-on. Then in the afternoons I do various business or charity work; I meet with key personnel, staff or event planners we're doing parties with.

I also review proposals for expansion to other restaurants and nightclubs at other sites. Right now I'm negotiating for a nightclub site in Hollywood.

From 6 to 8 I do a meet-and-greet for dinner, which is overflow capacity because of the theater rush at the Pantages Theater next door. It's fun; it's nice to have a restaurant where every night you're going to be over occupancy. Plus there are great friends, VIPs, celebrities or dignitaries that need a last-minute table, and so it's fun taking care of the logistics for them.

It's a limelight job, so I'm obviously a great person to know to get to theaters and concerts.

Friday nights in Vine Street lounge are very popular and very busy. We do a Pop Rock theme, so we'll have a live '80s band and a DJ take turns going back and forth, and we scoured all the candy shops in Los Angeles for Pop Rocks candy to make fun drink specials with Pop Rocks.

I'll usually stay here until midnight or 1 a.m. to review club operations and make sure our VIPs and celebrities are well-taken care of. We're able to have a high-end clientele and a rather extensive guest list. And those who are really savvy have my cell.

We run a very busy restaurant. This is a job where you better love working nights, weekends and holidays. I hope my son appreciates it he will, I'm sure, down the line.

My job is just to make sure all guests are happy, the food is great, the service is great and the nightclub is busy and fun. If I can get all that done in a 16-hour day, I've done my job. But I can't believe I get paid to host and attend some of the greatest parties in Hollywood. What a life. "

* Scott Shuttleworth
Chief executive and
operating partner
Hollywood and Vine LLC

Self-Description: "People say I'm a workaholic, but I'm a funaholic."
Big Event: Jamie Foxx's private Oscar party
Charity: Committee for the Los Angeles Fire Department to raise money for fallen firefighters' memorials
Family: Leha, his wife; Logan Scott, his 3-year-old son
Getaway Spot: Aspen
Juggling Family Life and Long Hours: "My wife and I both come from restaurant backgrounds, so she understands the hours and workload needed to succeed."

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