My schedule depends on what's going on at work. I usually get up around 8 or so, often times to a phone call from someone with a question. First thing I do is check my e-mail and send out some e-mails. I take a shower, and do my morning routine. Very rarely do I eat breakfast.

I really have no typical day; it changes based on what needs to be done. My schedule also depends on the season. In the summer, TV shows are on hiatus so work is lighter. We are working mostly on films and commercials. Generally, I come into the office a little later, about 9:30 or 10.

We have several producers downstairs so I visit them to talk about whatever issues are going on for the day. Then I head upstairs and talk to my business partners. I get my laptop set up and make a to-do list.

I'm the creative director. I keep an eye on everything. I look at the work that the visual effects artists are doing. Number one thing I'm checking for: Does it look real? If we're putting an Air Force One plane behind the actor for "Commander in Chief," it has to look like it was really there. For that kind of effect, we put a green screen behind the actor. I go to the shoot or my people do. I make sure they have practical stuff lined up right, camera angles are correct, lighting has the right look so when we put it together, it works.

I also need to look at the technical issues. When preparing a shot where we've used a green screen I make sure we don't cut into the actor's hair or cut an ear off. Sometimes there are problems we have to fix, maybe a technical glitch. I have to solve those.

I used to be an artist myself. These guys are so much better. But I can talk to them and I speak their language. If the client doesn't understand what they are talking about, I can translate for them. I'm in a position where I know both sides of the coin.

I go to production meetings with clients, writers and producers to talk about what they want and possible solutions to make it happen.

We also have clients here every day looking at stuff. One time about a week ago we had four clients in house at the same time. We only have limited space, so it was my job to keep all the bases covered. We were rotating them around working on several projects at the same time.

I also bring in more work. I'm always reading scripts. I bid out shows or bid out movies. This morning on the way to work, we were awarded some Kellogg's commercials. I have to keep the artists busy all the time.

I am also involved in marketing. I look at everything we do and save shots for the demo reels. Sometimes clients come to us and ask, "Do you have anything with snow in it?" So I go and put something together. Sometimes they don't know exactly what they want, they only have general ideas. So we go through demo reels and they get a better idea. They say, "That makes sense. That looks cool."

I usually try to get out of the office about 6 or so, but sometimes I'm here until midnight. Sometimes I'm here on weekends. It depends on who else is in the office. One of my producers might be out sick or busy and I need to coordinate a show by myself or input or output footage. I'll take our output and deliver it to a client or I'll take something a client shot on set and put it on tape. "

John Gross
Eden FX Inc.

At Work: Shows include "Lost," "Invasion," and "Surface."
Favorite Thing About L.A.: To be outside in the sun when it's quiet and warm. "I drive with my top down in December."
Kicking Back: Likes to visit El Matador beach in Malibu
Sounds: "David Byrne pretty much anything he does."
Current Project: Building a new home two doors from where he lives in West Hollywood. Started building nearly four years ago, but should finally be done in nine months.

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