Northrop Grumman Corp. and El Segundo-based Space Exploration Technologies Corp. have settled lawsuits they filed against each other after working together on a Pentagon-funded rocket program, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

The suits stemmed from the Pentagon's reliance on large contractors, such as Northrop, to develop weapons programs and supervise work by rocket and satellite companies like SpaceX.

Last year, SpaceX said that some Northrop engineers who were supervising SpaceX's program for the government were also working on Northrop's own rockets.

Northrop then alleged in California state court that SpaceX and its chief engineer stole trade secrets for a rocket part. SpaceX later countered, saying in federal court that Northrop had abused its governmental role to obtain proprietary information and gain a competitive advantage, the paper said.

During the lawsuits, the Air Force's Space & Missile Systems Center asked Northrop to file a "conflict-of-interest mitigation plan." The plan has since been accepted by the government, said the Journal.

In the settlement, Northrop and SpaceX agreed to drop the lawsuits against each other and walk away without admitting any wrongdoing or paying any legal fees and damages, the Journal reported.

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