Always looking for ways to get her clients in the public eye, Kristine Kreska, the new vice president of marketing and distribution at the advertising agency B.D. Fox & Friends Inc., has done everything from riding in a parade to posing for a movie poster.

Her specialty is the independent movie sector. Kreska is marketing films that do not have huge studio budgets, so some creativity is usually involved.

One of her key decisions is the selection of the image that's on the movie poster. "We create the images that tell the story," Kreska said. "We have to decide what is the image that captures the essence of the film."

With a background in research analysis and headhunting, Kreska came to the Santa Monica-based firm without any previous experience in film promotion. Her success promoting the 2004 film "A Day Without a Mexican" quickly got her noticed in the industry.

B.D. Fox and Friends is an advertising agency that also operates its own production company, Darcy Fox. The company contracts with film and TV producers to handle ad campaigns from concept to finish.

Fox and Friends' services are solicited by independent filmmakers and producers. Kreska focuses on reviewing business plans and proposals and screening movies to evaluate financial potential. She then selects which films the firm will represent and prepares sales materials from press kits to artwork to promote the film.

Kreska also has been acting as an art representative for her boss, Bryan D. Fox, who has had his paintings in galleries. She has increased Fox's art visibility by landing his art in a Chelsea New York gallery and an upcoming movie shot in downtown Los Angeles.

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