LABJ FORUM - Fat Chance

The Atkins Diet is considered by some to be the last word in weight control, while others see it as a path to colon cancer and mad cow disease. Others swear by a diet rich in fish and seafood, but then there's that whole mercury thing. It's about the time when New Year's resolutions start to fall by the wayside, so the Business Journal asks:

Are you on a diet, or do you have plans to start one in the near future?

Chris Jarvis
Jarvis & Mandell LLC

I'm staying with the same thing I've been doing for six months, which is more or less the Atkins Diet. It's mostly low sugar, no breads, no pasta. A boatload of work travel and a trip to Africa left me at a high-water mark last year, so I've lost about 30 pounds since I started. I'm not really concerned (about mad cow) so I still eat red meat. If you've ever seen how chicken is processed, you'd never eat chicken again, either.

Sean Hackney
General Manager
Boulevard Health Club

No, I'm not really on a diet. I'm eating smaller portions, but I'm training for an Iron Man competition in Wisconsin. Squeeze a two-hour workout in the morning and a two-hour workout at the end of the day and you'd be damn near hungry. I'm trying to eat balanced a little protein, a little fat and a little carbohydrates. And I try not to eat late at night. Red meat? Absolutely. It's great.

Phil Marshall
Chief Financial Officer
Galpin Ford

I'm 68 years old and I've been fighting a weight problem on-and-off since I graduated from college. The older I get, the harder it is to lose weight and keep it off. Right now I weigh about 220 and my goal weight is 190 but I'd be happy just to get under 200. Over the years it feels like I've tried all the fad diets, and some of them are good to jump-start your weight loss, but the only thing that really works is a complete lifestyle change.

Lynne Harris Bernstein
Human Interest Director
Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles

The stop-eating-junk-diet is one that's especially effective for me. I've stopped eating sugar, potato chips and lowered my carbs, especially bread. I also have started to take the stairs at work between floors. My resolution was to get to the gym at least three times a week, but I'm going just a couple days a week. Finding that third day is tough, especially with kids and a full-time job. Diets are really hard as soon you lose the weight and stop, you go back to your old patterns.

Jeannie Koenigsberg
Director of Development
The Gurin Co.

I don't follow any diet. As in everything in life, it's all about moderation. People need to know what's right for their body, not what someone else dictates. I was a cross-country runner in college. Now I run and walk, and I don't really pay attention to what I eat. The Atkins Diet is good because it makes people think about what they're putting in their mouth. But just because some celebrities do it and it's successful for them doesn't mean it's going to work for regular people.Forum add if needed

Chris McKenry
Get It Together LA!

I'm on no special diet, but I try not to eat bad stuff. I guess I like food too much. I work out three to four times a week at the gym. I've tried to watch my fat intake, or things like that, but nothing like Atkins.

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