Waste Management Inc.

Houston-based Waste Management Inc. tops the environmental list again this year, with more than 1,000 employees in L.A. County. The company serves municipal, commercial, industrial and residential customers throughout the United States, where it owns and operates about 300 landfills. The company also operates in Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

Waste Management performs such services as municipal waste collection and disposal; hazardous waste removal, transport and disposal; and residential, commercial and industrial recycling. It is also operator of one of the largest landfills in California, the Bradley Landfill and Recycling Center in Sun Valley. The 100-acre site is expected to reach capacity in three to four years, as trucks unload about 54,000 tons of refuse there each week.

Waste Management officials are now pondering what to do with this heap of discarded non-recyclables, which could produce methane, an explosive gas. They are considering various possibilities for alternate uses, including converting the dump into a small golf course, recreation centers, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, a vehicle-storage yard or other uses.

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