So the relatives from the Midwest are coming to Los Angeles, and they want to see some movie stars. Where do you take them?

If they don't have a lot of cash, there is always the bar at Spago, where they can sip a beer or martini and watch stars (as well as top TV and movie executives) drop by for lunch and dinner. If they can't afford a beer, they can just stand at the door with the paparazzi and wait for the right moment to snap away. The pros do.

The lobby of the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills is also a good place to sit and have a pot of tea and see the likes of Sylvester Stallone stroll in. Another good hotel for stargazing is the Four Seasons. It's the home of the Hollywood junket, where stars meet entertainment reporters. The bar scene at night is filled with agents and TV and movie execs hustling each other. Monday nights at Morton's draw a loyal show biz crowd, as do lunches at The Grill and The Ivy.

If the in-laws have comfortable shoes, they can stand in front of one of the fabled designer boutiques along Rodeo Drive. That's where the stars like to shop, but it's a hit-or-miss proposition. If TV shows are taping and the relatives want to see their favorite show, they can call the networks and ask to become members of the studio audience.

One sure place to find a star is on a Screen Actors Guild picket line. SAG and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists are striking the TV commercial production industry, and some of the more well-known actors have been appearing lately to show their support.

Finally, there's this suggestion given by a well-known Hollywood celebrity when asked where her peers hang out: "Try an AA meeting in Beverly Hills."

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