Seems Angelenos will do anything to avoid walking.

From the beach to the offices of local companies, scooters that's right, suped-up skateboards with handles are the transportation du jour.

After Station X Studios in Santa Monica ran out of parking spaces a few months ago, the company provided an incentive for employees who live in Santa Monica to leave their cars at home. The studio ultimately forked out $500 apiece for 15 Zappy electric scooters.

"I used mine yesterday to run some errands. It takes me two minutes longer to commute to work than it would in my truck," said Les Jones, a digital effects producer at Station X. "Strangely enough, I don't feel ridiculous riding it."

Jones noted that Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise and even Andy Rooney of "60 Minutes" have all appeared on scooters in recent magazine and TV spots.

At the Pasadena office of search engine, a "Scooter Crossing" sign hangs at a cubicle crossroads. GoTo's scooters are so popular that employees have added bells to warn unprepared pedestrians.

A exec purchased the first scooter on a whim to help build morale as the company rapidly expanded, teasing that a scooter would help employees reach destinations more quickly in the growing office.

A salesperson at Toys 'R' Us in Woodland Hills said scooters are hot commodities, rivaling go-carts in popularity. "We're selling a lot of them," he said. "About a year ago, they weren't around as much."

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