Bill Gross was one of the first to do it. Then came Jake Winebaum and Sky Dayton. And now David Bohnett, founder of GeoCities, is doing it too.

Getting into incubators, that is.

Bohnett has just joined the board and made an investment into Bold New World, a fledgling Internet incubator in Los Angeles.

Why the recent frenzy surrounding Internet-related incubators?

"Incubators are not all that different than the other venture capital activity that has been going on," Bohnett said. "It just has a bit more sexy spin. We'll probably see incubators emerge with distinct styles and geared toward different industries."

Bohnett's relationship with Bold New World is a six-degrees-of-separation tale. Originally an Internet services company, Bold New World was spun out of Bohnett's first start-up, Beverly Hills Internet Co. Though GeoCities understandably dominated Bohnett's attention, he stayed in informal contact with the spin-off, occasionally referring interesting Internet deals to it.

Now that it has become an incubator, Bold New World has recently hatched its first venture, an L.A.-based e-commerce and information company called Several more hatchlings are in the pipeline, according to Bold New World Chief Executive Stuart Miller.

After the sale of GeoCities to Yahoo! last May, Bohnett took a brief vacation before jumping back into the fray. He's currently a principal (and founder) of Culver City-based Baroda Ventures LLC, a board member for Santa Monica-based and Westlake Village-based NetZero, and executive director of a non-profit activist organization called the David Bohnett Foundation.

"I can't not be involved," he said, somewhat ruefully.

Job sitings

Los Angeles-based, which started off as a modest online job-listing company geared toward recent college graduates, has managed to pull off steady, significant growth.

It's the No. 1 online career site in terms of job listings (currently with 40,000 postings, a 35 percent increase in postings from last year).

"We've become a career management site rather than just a job-listing spot, consequently expanding from focusing on entry-level positions to all kinds," said spokeswoman Jenny Connelly. "Also, more companies are listing positions solely online (rather than in newspapers) as they realize that it is a more efficient recruiting cost." remains the No. 2 job site in terms of visitors, dogging the heels of To remedy that situation, CareerPath is gearing up for an advertising blitz this fall.

Virtual holidays

The bevy of local e-commerce companies, such as eToys and in Santa Monica, have already shifted into high gear to prepare for the upcoming orgiastic gift-buying frenzy otherwise known as the holiday season.


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