Seven TV stations, six of them owned and operated by networks, compete fiercely for viewers in Los Angeles, the nation's second-biggest TV market. And yet, their audience continues to erode as more people turn to the Internet or other sources for news. The Business Journal asks:

Do you have a favorite local TV newscast? Which one and why?

Tracey Sullivan (pic newsmakers 8-17)

Director of Operations

Asbury Communications

I watch KTLA in the morning. I like the anchors. I think they're friendly, they seem easygoing like regular people. I like to start out my days by getting the news and weather in the morning. They cover all of the major stories; I know if something has happened the day before or overnight, I'll get the story in the morning.

Jeanne Ryan


Roth Bookstein & Zaslow LLP

No. I don't like watching the news. I think it's pretty bad completely sensationalized. All they show are all the horrible things about Los Angeles, like the freeway chases. They don't offer any "good" news. I read the newspaper.

Roger Schlesinger


Sea Breeze Mortgage Services Inc.

No. I'm on the business channel five days a week, so I get my news off the news ticker all day long. In the mornings, at 5:30, I'll watch CNBC for a local news update. When I'm out during the day I listen to KNX on the radio, and at home at night I watch CNN.

Greg Blomstrand (pic SFVnewsmakers 8-10)

Assistant Asset Manager

American Realty Advisors

I am partial to Channel 5. I guess I have a certain comfort level with their broadcasters. Especially Hal Fishman he's been there for God knows how many years. Also, the time slot at 10 p.m. is good for me. 11 p.m. gets to be a little too late. They have good local coverage; it's nice to get a good overview of local news.

Jan Nagel

Director of Business Development and Marketing

VirtualMagic Animation Inc.

I watch Channel 7 at 11 o'clock. I like the news team. I'll watch them when I can't watch Charlie Rose.


Executive Vice President

Film Roman Inc.

I watch KNBC at 11 o'clock. They are not quite as sensationalistic as the other local stations. Most of the network news shows are just entertainment instead of news. Overall, I prefer to watch CNN, but when I do watch local, it's KNBC.

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