At Issue With Smedra and Feuer

My family and I are very troubled that Councilman Michael Feuer seems to still be favoring developer Ira Smedra's project, which is against the present laws and which would wreck Westwood Village.

We taxpayers certainly should not give Ira Smedra a chunk of Glendon Avenue, which would be 20 percent of his site. Glendon is one of only three north-south streets in the Village that go through to Wilshire Boulevard. That one block of Glendon that Smedra wants currently carries more than 7,000 cars a day of through traffic.

There would be massive traffic. According to Smedra's own study, his project will generate 12,500 additional car trips a day. That is 60 percent more traffic than the JMB office tower in Century City, which Councilman Feuer opposed on traffic grounds. Yet, Councilman Feuer still seems to be pushing Smedra's project. Why?

Smedra's project is illegal. Variances or exceptions can't help him; the violations are so substantial that he needs wholesale amendments to the law tailored to his specifications, which we certainly should not do. Smedra knew what his entitlements were when he bought the land. Let him build within the law or sell his land.



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