Westwood Plan Outdated

I am writing this letter to voice my opinion about the Westwood "Specific Plan," which was written approximately 15 years ago.

My deep concern with this plan is that during the time it was drafted, the changes that have occurred in the retail business in general and in Westwood Village specifically could not have been foreseen. Due to this lack of anticipation, the Specific Plan was constructed with little vision for the future. Even our forefathers, who carefully and painstakingly wrote this nation's Constitution, realized how crucial it was to allow for reconstruction of the document to meet the needs of our ever-changing society.

That type of change is called an amendment. To be clear, we need "amendments" made to the Specific Plan, because much of it is outdated and is hurting the Village.

The proposed Village Center Westwood project will provide a positive enhancement to our neighborhood that is unfortunately decaying before us. It will provide us with a much-needed market and plenty of parking. With the recent changes made in the plan cutting down the number of theater seats, opening Glendon Avenue and adding a public library I think the Village Center Westwood will become one of the cornerstones of Westwood Village.

If the original Specific Plan is adhered to and continues to prohibit any and all improvements in our community, we will be forced to witness the complete fall of our neighborhood, and Westwood will either become a ghost town or an extension of UCLA.


West Los Angeles

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